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So Apex Legends has been out for a few weeks now, and it has grown in popularity very quickly. To be honest, it feels like it dwarfed the likes of Fortnite and PUBG, even spawning memes and gifs that would make you laugh. So with all the hype going around Apex, is it any good? Is it worth all the hype? Plus, being in South Africa, is it worth playing? We’re going to go through those questions and a little more in this article.


Is the game any good?

I really enjoy Apex, I have found that the style of the game is excellent, and the pace makes it possible for you to play multiple games within an hour (depending on how good you are). How does it fair against the other battle royale games, like PUBG and Fortnite? I’m a massive fan of PUBG, and not much of a fan of Fortnite, so from my perspective, I don’t think my opinion would be very fair, having said that though, the game is really great to play. The weapons seem balanced, and the look of the game is impressive (even with my GTX 1060). It doesn’t seem to need a massive amount of resources to play, which is good to know too.

What is the game about?

At the end of the Frontier War (Titanfall times), when the IMC and Militia departed, they took all the resources. This has left the Frontier worlds in disarray. The people no longer had the means to support themselves, so they had no choice but to leave their homes to brave the Outlands. The Outlands is a remote cluster of planets on the outskirts of the Frontier, untouched and full of resources. Those who were part of the endless struggle in the Frontier Wars, now settle their differences in the Apex Games, a bloodsport with Legends from all over the Frontier, competing for fame, money and, glory.

Basically, it is like any other battle royale game. A certain number of players are dropped into a map, they have to find weapons and armor and make sure they stay in the right circle. So from that point of few, there isn’t much change in the game. What Apex does bring is a set of heroes that you can choose from, each having their own ability and ultimate. Each of these being unique to the character you choose. This reminds me of Overwatch with their characters.

In Apex, it’s 20 teams of 3 people battling each other out. I think this is where Apex could maybe grow a bit, allowing a solo game where you don’t have to be in a party. This isn’t a deal breaker, but sometimes I enjoy playing a solo game rather than having to join 2 randoms, especially if none of my friends are online. Another additional option I think Apex could have is a training ground, something similar to PUBG and Fortnite, and no, not the training from the beginning of the game. An area where you can go nuts, not worry about dying, learn what each gun and upgrade does and learn how to use them. I think this will only happen in time, well let’s hope at least.

Is it worth the hype?

This comes down to each individual. Having said that though, I have heard a lot of players saying that it’s been a long time since they’ve had this much fun, which is good news. It’s a game that isn’t weighed down by all the strings of something like PUBG (bugs, and large patches, yet). Yes, there can be some improvements, maybe adding additional characters later on and the training grounds. That doesn’t hinder the fact that this game has drawn a lot of attention, with a lot of people playing it. So yes, it’s hype is worth it, and if they continue like this, Apex is going to go a long way.

Playing Apex in South Africa, is it a problem?

apex-legends-south-africa-pic5.jpgFrom my side, I rarely agree with the petitions set out asking for SA servers for certain games. I do agree that lower latency would be fantastic, but the truth remains, South Africa does not have a large enough gaming community (other than Dota 2, and CS:GO) to warrant South African servers. Case and point is PUBG. Needing 90+ people to be in the server before the game would starts takes just too long to fill up, and I feel that would be the same with Apex. There are a lot of players, I don’t doubt that, but a lot of players with varied skills, and various playing times. The chances of filling up a server a night would be so rare and would include waiting times too long to comprehend.

Does that mean, since we’re in South Africa we can’t play Apex now? We can most definitely play Apex now. Yes, those who don’t have fiber might be running between 200ms to 220ms, but that’s ok, it’s still a lot of fun, and the game is still playable. If the fact that there were no South African servers was your draw card, I’m telling you not to worry. Give the game a chance.

My experience playing Apex so far:

Well, I haven’t won a match yet, but that’s no surprise really, I barely came first in PUBG either, so it’s not like that is suddenly about to change. I did find getting used to the increased pace to be a bit difficult. Adding to the fact that I didn’t really know anything about the guns, the upgrades, and the way the armor works, I did feel a little lost. I’m getting the hang of it and enjoying the game more and more. The one thing I did notice that made the game a little less enjoyable in my mind was the matchmaking. There seems to be no real “ranking,” there are those who are absolute beasts at the game being matched with noobs, and vice-versa. That seemed a bit unbalanced to me. Other than that, great game, lots of fun and really good looking graphics.

So Apex is making it big, and it’s doing well. The game playability is, and there are a lot of guides online on the best gun combos to go for. There are a lot of people putting in some serious game time and are kick-ass good. So if you haven’t done it yet, give the game a go, see how it feels. Maybe read, or watch, some players who have been playing for a while to see how they do, and there combos. Compared to PUBG, it’s definitely a lot more fast-paced, so that might be something you’d have to get used to. Other than that, the game is solid, and I give it an 8/10. If you would like me to add anything to this article, or have any suggestions, leave a comment below.