Purchasing a hard copy of a game has become a thing of the past for me personally thanks to applications like Steam and uPlay – then again I’m a pc fan, and don’t even own a console of any kind, so using these applications makes sense. Having said that, hard copies of games haven’t disappeared altogether. Most people who own a console generally purchase a hard copy of their games.

Something that I always think about is “What happens to the hard copy of the game once you’ve completed it?” and it’s a good question, because once you have clocked the game, you would usually leave it on the shelf to collect dust (unless it’s a really good game that has multiple endings that you wouldn’t mind playing again like Force Unleashed – and yes, I did play this on console, it was just that good).

So who can you turn to when wanting to Trade and/or sell your console games? Well look no further, PWNED Games is here to save you.

Who are they?

PWNED Games is a shop situated in Cape Town. The store is well kept, clean, and has games stacked to the roof (it’s a gamer’s paradise). PWNED Games caters more for the PS3, PS4 and Xbox community, yet, they do have a large Nintendo selection, including games for Wii, Switch and 3DS, which is impressive to say the least. They also cater for the PC Gamer – which is good news for a guy like me.


Where are they situated?

The physical store is in Cape Town. The exact address is: Suite 803 – 8th Floor Booland Bank Building, 18 Lower Burg Street, Cape Town. However, the online store is for all to use anywhere in South Africa, which means that you’re covered if you’re looking for a second hand game or console.

What do they do?

PWNED Games is a shop you can visit to browse to purchase games. There is a process before you can trade your games, which they then purchase from you. This process does not include PC games. They have an online shop as well, and the site was recently revamped. It is well maintained and easy to use. I personally wanted to test the online store out, so I purchased an item off the store. Creating an account, selecting the item I wanted and then paying was so simple, I could tell a lot of time and effort has been put into the development of the online store to make it as user friendly as possible. I also noticed that for each item there was a bar displaying the stock availability of each item, if the item is not in stock, you could request to be notified when the item is available. The online shop is especially useful for people who aren’t situated in the Cape Town area, like myself. PWNED Games also sells Retro Games and if available Retro Consoles, Funko POP figures, board games and card games – encouraging their customers to also spend some time away from the screen (there’s a HALO Monopoly!!!)

How is their service?

pwned-games-pic4According to my research, PWNED Games is very popular and has favourable reviews commending them on their excellent service. I only saw one bad review on HelloPeter which seemed like the complainer had an issue with the delivery service and not PWNED Games themselves. In the end the review was changed to a 4 star, so no bad reviews!

I also noticed in my research that PWNED Games was accused of having higher prices for their games. With respect, the owner requested I look at and compare the prices of the games that were for offer and I have come to the conclusion that the aforementioned accusation is incorrect. For example, I compared the pricing of God of War 4 on their site to another popular gaming store in South Africa, PWNED Games was definitely cheaper.

As mentioned above, I personally purchased a game to test their service, and I was not disappointed. I purchased the game while they were still closed, but the order was processed, and about 2 hours into the shop opening in Cape Town I received my CD Key for the game I purchased, I even received an apology because the CD key took two hours. The prompt turn around time (before receiving the apology) from purchasing the game to receiving the CD key is something PWNED Games should be proud of.

All in all, PWNED Games is well worth it if you’re a console gamer. You have options to purchase second hand games (great if you cannot afford the new one), or you can sell your second hand games. You even have the opportunity to purchase a second hand console unit – this information would have been really useful for a friend of mine who’s PS4 blew up and he couldn’t afford a new one.

Take a look at their site. Pop into the shop if you live in Cape Town. Support local gaming businesses. Remember, this all goes to increasing the gaming awareness in our country, and soon, we could see South Africa at the top with the eSports best.