Cooler Master, one of the leading Brands in the PC gaming Industry hosts a wide variety of products, but mostly known for their cooling systems and stylish cases. Although today, we are looking at their peripherals, more specifically the CM310 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse that was officially Released on the 1st of May 2019.

The CM310 Hosts a load of exciting features for the avid gamer on a budget. Being a mouse within the lower range does not mean you are getting less ‘Bang for your Buck’, in fact, I would say this mouse is ideal for entry-level gamers.

Some of the Features


  • DPI: The CM310 hosts a 10000 DPI sensor for seamless movement in the game. Adjust the DPI settings via the easy access control buttons at the top of the mouse to best suit your needs. The mouse wheel and Cooler Master Logo LED’s change based on the different DPI setting you chose. No additional software is needed to make any adjustments to this mouse.
  • RGB Lighting: A strip of Full RGB lighting runs along the edge of the mouse, from the left click button all around to the right click button. There is a multitude of different settings that will excite any RGB fan. RGB settings are controlled by a single button positioned between the +DPI, and -DPI buttons. There are five different presets to choose from to find that perfect look.
  • Rubber Grip: Rubberised Grips have been placed on the sides of the mouse for more precise control in game, something that can make a big difference when trying to flick quickly for that game-winning frag. The very ergonomic design feels very comfortable which can help reduce unnecessary fatigue. The CM310 is an ambidextrous mouse. But does favor the right hand over the left. Two macro buttons are placed on the left side of the mouse, none are found on the right. It is ideal for both Claw and Palm grip. Basically, it works for anyone, regardless of your preference.
  • Balanced Weight: At only 100grams (not including the USB cable), this lightweight mouse is ideal for FPS games to get that fast flicking movement required to get quick Frags. Not only is it lightweight, but also evenly balanced throughout the mouse for better control.
  • Price: The Cooler Master CM310 will cost you around R400.00. This mouse is excellent value for money, as it looks great, feels great, performs amazingly and the best part is it only costs a fraction of other Gaming mice on the Market. Definitely worth the buy.

“We created a new mouse for gamers that are looking for comfortable, ambidextrous RGB gaming mouse that doesn’t break the bank. With the wrap around illumination and 10000 DPI sensor- both performance and looks checkboxes are covered,” says Bryant Nguyen, Cooler Master Peripheral General Manager.


So what can I personally say about this impressive little mouse? Well, After using this mouse for a week I can easily say that it is Definitely worth every cent. If you are looking for a lightweight and durable mouse, that not only performs but looks good too without breaking the bank. Then the CM310 should definitely be in your Shopping Basket.
Not only is it very attention demanding with its multitude of RGB options, but also very comfortable whether you are left or right handed.
Although there are a lot of pros with this mouse, you can also expect a few cons when it comes to budget peripherals. One I definitely noticed was the mouse buttons felt a bit weak. I am definitely biased towards FPS games such as Counter-Strike as you want a mouse lightweight enough to perform killer flick shots to change the game. This lightweight mouse may not be what A WOW or Dota player would be looking for. An FPS gamer would enjoy it a lot more. Another Con would be that the macro buttons would be difficult for a left-hand user to use. I would suggest that if you are a casual gamer or an entry-level gamer on a budget, then this is precisely what you are looking for. But if you are looking for something that could last a bit longer and take a beating then perhaps aim for one of the Cooler Master 5 series mice.



  • Buttons: Buttons do not feel as durable as a lot of higher grade mice on the market. Has a weak feel to the left and right click.
  • Left-hand Macro Buttons: Although this is an ambidextrous mouse, there are no buttons on the right side of the mouse. Should you be a lefty, you may have an issue with utilizing the macro buttons.


  • RGB Lighting: Full RGB lighting on the mouse will breathe new life into your peripherals setup. With a multitude of various settings to choose from.
  • Balanced & Lightweight: Overall Balance which gives you much more precise movement and control. At only 100 grams in weight, quick movements are made easy.
  • Rubber Side Grips: Rubber has been placed on either side for better movement and Grip.
  • Price: This little Beauty Won’t hurt your pocket too much as you will only be spending an Average of R400.00. Not Bad at all.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so the main thing to keep in mind is that this mouse is a lower tier mouse, and therefore won’t feel or perform like a higher tier mouse would.
My thought is that if you are still a scholar, and your Mom or Dad aren’t willing to splash out on your hobby that keeps you indoors and has you screaming at non-existent people on the internet. THEN this mouse is for you.
You could get a weekend job to facilitate a more expensive mouse, But then when do you get time to use the damn thing? Enough rambling. If you are strapped for cash or just an entry level gamer, it is a Good Buy.
I rate this mouse a solid 6.5/10.