If you’re looking for a new power supply, and have been debating on what to get, I recommend waiting just a little while longer, because Cooler Master has sent out some information regarding their new V Gold power supplies that has just been released. They say the V Gold is available in store, but here in South Africa, we can look at them being available at retailers later in May 2019 I suspect. For more information on the V Gold Power Supply, we’ll be going through the press release that was sent out last week.

Cooler Master has launched a new line of high-end power supply units under the name V Gold. After five years of the original V series, a modern touch makes sense. Cooler Master has created a new and improved series of power supply units for the next generation of high-end PC builders.

cooler-master-v-gold-power-supply-pic2The V Gold comes in four different wattage levels, all of which have an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating. This new product series features a new platform that boasts excellent performance from all fronts. Inspired by their past PSU lines, Cooler Master has endeavored to deliver something safe, reliable, and efficient for a new era of gamers, overclockers, modders, and anyone else who simply demands the best for and from their system. Here are just some of the features you can expect from Cooler Master’s latest line of Gold rated power supplies.


  • Sizes: 550w, 650w, 750w, 850w
  • Rating: 80 PLUS Gold / Cybenetics ETA-A Certification
  • Design: Half-bridge design with DC-DC technology
  • Cabling: Full-Modular Cabling with 16AWG PCI-e Cables
  • Cooling: 135mm FDB fan with low RPM capabilities for quiet operation
  • Operation: Semi-Fanless Operation up to 40% load with manual Hybrid Switch for testing
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

The V Gold was created to bridge the gap between standard and high-end users. With 100% Japanese capacitors, it offers the quality and reliability of a top shelf, ultra-high wattage PSU but also comes available in a wide range of lower wattage models. No longer do users need to differentiate quality by wattage. You can get the same quality design of traditionally 850W+ models in as low as 550W without sacrificing any performance value. If you only need a 650W, you shouldn’t have to buy an 850W for that level of excellence in your power supply. Now you don’t have to. If you’re a high-end builder or looking to make the transition to a higher level of power supply units, the V Gold is the perfect model for your next build or upgrade. Power Up with the new V Gold.

cooler-master-v-gold-power-supply-pic3With an upgrade to the Cooler Master V range becoming the V Gold, we can see Cooler Master likes to reinvent what they have. This also installs confidence in the brand, as a company who takes pride in delivering the best for its consumer. So the big question, should you go out and buy one today? That is entirely up to you. We’re not 100% sure as to the pricing just yet, but I would recommend getting one if you need it when they are available. With the 80 Gold Plus rating, and the efficiency that’s been bragged, you’re going to be getting a quality PSU, and probably won’t regret it at all! I look to update this article as soon as I get my hands on one of the power supplies, so I’ll let you know how it goes. If you would like to add anything, leave a comment below.