cooler-masters-sk621-a-wireless-mechanical-keyboard-pic3Ever wanted the freedom of no wires with the responsiveness of a mechanical keyboard? Well look no further, Cooler Master has you covered with their new SK621 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard which has just been released in South Africa. This article takes a brief look at the release notes on the keyboard, and when we receive it, we will do a full review on the keyboard, so let’s have a look:

The PR Note:

The SK621 is a 65-key compact design Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard with all the essentials. It uses Cherry MX’s new low profile switches providing a reduced travel distance and actuation point with the same signature durability and precision as a standard red switch. The wireless hybrid design allows users to choose between a corded or cordless set up based on preference. The keyboard grants approximately 14 hours of usage while backlit or up to four months without lighting. The board is equipped with Type-C USB for convenience, per-key backlighting, surrounding light bars, and macros can be fully customized through Cooler Masters easy to use Portal Software Application. On-the-fly-controls allows real-time adjustments to lighting and macros without the need of software, including Windows Lock On/Off to prevent accidental actuation during gameplay. Its chiclet keycaps are slim and slightly contoured to provide a comfortable feel.

“We created the SK621 with design and functionality in mind. Especially for those who are on the go, workers by day and gamers at night.” says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.

What that all means:

The Cooler Master SK621 wireless mechanical keyboard comes with all the aspects of a mechanical keyboard you would expect. The Cherry MX switches, which are the new low profile versions. It is a hybrid design which allows you to connect the keyboard should you need to. The battery life isn’t as long as one would like, especially if you’re into having your RGB on all the time. However, you could easily switch between having the RGB on or off with just a push of the button.

So basically this keyboard is trying to serve a dual purpose, used by someone who types a lot at work and games at night. I’m not sure if a mechanical keyboard is essential in the working environment, I would like to use one for day-to-day work, but that would be more of “want” than an actual “need.” Having said that, though, this keyboard does look really amazing, and we look forward to reviewing it closer when we can.