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Cooler Master has been busy of late, releasing all sorts of really cool new hardware, and today is no different. Cooler Master has announced today, 10 April 2019, their new Low Profile Keyboard Series with the Cooler Master SK650 and the SK630. These new keyboards are going to be available end of April 2019. Below is a little write up about them, and when I receive it to review, I’ll be updating this article accordingly. Let’s take a look:

The SK650 and SK630:

cooler-master-sk650-sk630-release-south-africa-pic8The new SK650 and SK630 mechanical keyboards come fitted with the Cherry MX low profile switches which have a reduced travel distance and actuation point with the same precision and signature durability as the standard red switches. These make these the ultimate “work and play” keyboard, allowing one to have excellent control while typing, with all the precision needed during gaming.

The boards are equipped with a Type-C USB port for convenience. The per-key backlighting, surrounding light bards, and the macros are fully customizable through the easy to use Portal Software Application from Cooler Master. There are Fn (Function) controls to change the macros and the backlighting on-the-fly, without having to use the software – which includes the Windows Lock On/Off to prevent accidental actuation during gameplay – this comes in handy, believe me.

“We created the SK series with design and functionality in mind. Especially for those who are workers by day and gamers at night,” says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.

What can we expect?

cooler-master-sk650-sk630-release-south-africa-pic1“What is the difference between the SK650 and SK630?” you might ask. There is no mechanical difference between the two keyboards. The only difference is the SK630 is the baby brother as it were, coming without a Numpad (10 key layout), which is perfect for those with limited space by their desk.

There are additional versions of these keyboards coming out in the future, which includes a wireless version as well as the SK621 – a 65 key compact keyboards – perfect for the coffee shop/cafe’ worker – these will be available later on in the year of 2019. The wireless versions will be available in Gunmetal black, and also in white later on. There will also be models that will be Andriod and Apple compatible.

So a lot to look forward to shortly, and as soon as I get my hands on one to test out, I’ll be updating this article, so keep your eyes open on this article for the follow-up! If you have anything you’d like to add or want me to talk about, drop a comment below.