When competition opens up in the market, we usually welcome it with open arms, with hopes of the competition to bring down the pricing of products. With that in mind, we are excited to see a new online store is opened up – especially now that we are all concerned with COVID-19. This article takes a look at the PR note for 4 A Steal!

The PR Note:

South Africa’s newest online retailer dedicated to focussed customer service – both for end-users and vendors – has unintentionally yet conveniently launched their online shopping channel just as South African’s are being urged to take precautionary measures in crowded spaces, which includes shopping centers and retail parks. Small business owners and local product producers have also been afforded an awesome opportunity with the launch of 4 A STEAL in light of the pressures being placed on the industry.

4 A STEAL launched at the beginning of March, yet already boasts an impressive variety of products spanning consumer electronics, household items, gardening products, and clothing among others, and plans to grow these categories, as well as introduce new ones. “We’ve been working hard with our existing partners to be able to launch with a sufficient number of quality products that we know sell well,” says Benjamin Foulds, Director of 4 A STEAL. “The plan now is to catapult the growth of these categories and encourage new vendors to join the platform, which boasts an easy on-boarding process that also offers attractive value adds and payment options.”

Aside from a live chat service plus responsive email and efficient telephonic support, 4 A STEAL will also be offering customers free delivery on orders over R450.00 plus will be launching daily, weekly and monthly ‘STEALS’ – a strategic move aimed at giving customers products at great promotional prices, every day, week AND month.


“We know that according to the Digital 2020 SA report, the online shopping audience in South Africa is roughly about 21,8 million people between the ages of 16 and 64,” says Benjamin. “Understanding some of the nuances associated with existing online shopping channels, we’ve really tailored our approach for customers and vendors by optimizing our target audience as suggested by the digital report, to be able to buy and sell via our platform and to do so seamlessly, at the best possible prices and with the right amount of customer support,” says Benjamin.

The platform has been live since March 2020, and the team at 4 A STEAL has been purposefully secretive about the online shopping channel in an attempt to generate interest and drive traffic to their website whilst they prepare the announcement of the platform. “We built some creative assets and posted these across our personal and social channels to pique the consumers’ interest to kick start traffic which has worked really well for us, but we now need to ramp it up and encourage additional vendors to join 4 A STEAL, and consumers – especially as they’re forced to stay at home – to start using the platform to shop!” says Benjamin.

For more information or to start shopping, visit 4 A STEAL and use their live chat facility or log on to their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Concluding Thoughts:

4 A Steal could be the next best online store, competing with the likes of Loot, Raru, and Takealot. In time, we’ll take a closer look at 4 A Steal and review how they compare to the likes of the bigger online stores. If you have already used, or have any comments you would like to make about 4 a Steal; we would like to hear from you!