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Hearing that new products are hitting the market is probably the best news we can get – especially since it feels like we only ever have lousy news during 2020. So, thanks to ASUS, we hear the good news! They are releasing their new A520 Motherboard range, and in this article, we are going to have a look at the PR Note.

What you can expect to find out:

  • ASUS A520 TUF, Prime and Pro series motherboards with PCIe® 3.0 and 32 MB flash ROM
  • ASUS R&D team sets new DDR4- 6666 world record memory frequency on ROG Strix B550-I Gaming, using the AMD Ryzen™ 4700GE processor
  • Availability of new BIOS updates for A520, B550 and X570 series motherboards, essential future compatibility

The PR Note:

ASUS today announced the new A520 chipset motherboards for its TUF Gaming, Prime, and Pro series. The AMD A520 chipset is the successor to the A320 chipset and features PCIe® 3.0. Designed to cater to a wide range of needs, these motherboards feature a 32 MB BIOS flash ROM, and support future AMD Ryzen™ Zen 3 architecture CPUs and APUs.
ASUS A520 motherboards can be paired with an AMD APU to create a budget-friendly gaming rig or workstation, making them ideal for DIY PC users and small to medium-sized businesses.
ASUS is also pleased to announce that its R&D team broke the existing world memory frequency record, setting DDR4- 6666 on ROG Strix B550-I Gaming, using the AMD Ryzen 4700GE processor and Crucial Ballistix MAX memory.
In addition, the new BIOS updates for the complete lineup of AM4-based A520, X570, and B550 series motherboards are now available. The latest BIOS versions include the AGESA combo V2 PI update, which is essential for future compatibility.
ASUS is committed to providing the best BIOS support and will continue to optimize the BIOS to offer the best performance and user experience.

ASUS A520 Motherboard Spec Sheet

This is just two of the many models ASUS will be releasing in the A520 range. We cannot wait to see what they look like!

Concluding Thoughts:

So the new A520 range is sporting some epic specifications and will look good in the process. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these motherboards to do a video and written review!