Computex 2019 is in full swing, and it’s been quite busy all round. There have been some amazing photos coming from Computex 2019, with a lot of announcements. Cooler Master has been one of those companies that have been busy showcasing all their latest items, and I’m excited to be able to share some of these with you.

One of those items is the COSMOS CP700P – Black Edition case. The COSMOS range of cases has been available since 2007, and this is the latest generation case to be released under the COSMOS name. The COSMOS cases are well known for the versatility, their premium materials used, and the vast build potential.

The CP700P Black Edition is no different, staying true to the build potential that the other generations have brought. The CP700P Black Edition is the upgraded version of the original frame; however, it’s outfitted with a new cover system that offers a broader view of the hardware chamber. The entire cover system is revamped, featuring improved customization options and functionality for the PSU shroud and the cable covers.

cooler-master-at-computex-2019-pic1The PSU shroud is comprised of two parts; the outward-facing plate for aesthetics and the top plate for mounting options. With each part independent from one another, repositioning of both pieces is possible around all sides of the frame. For both aesthetic and configuration possibilities, the cable cover system features 3 pieces that can mount an SSD or a pump, while also offering the flexibility to hide cables routed behind the storage bracket and PSU area.

What are the features?

  • COSMOS C700P Black Edition: Advancements upon the original COSMOS C700P include the PSU Shroud, flat radiator brackets, fine mesh panels, cable cover system, and an extra rear panel—all housed in a matte black C700P.
  • Highly Versatile Layout: The unique frame design supports a conventional, chimney, inverse layout, or a fully customized layout. The motherboard tray is also removable for installation outside of the chassis.
  • Extensive Cable Cover System: The 3 included covers can be placed on either the M. Port or on the mid-plate, with the ability to mount SSD storage or a reservoir.
  • Diverse Liquid Cooling Support: A flat radiator bracket design offers more versatility for liquid cooling with the ability to be mounted on the top, front, or bottom of the frame. The two included brackets can each support a 420mm radiator.
  • Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel: A lightly-tinted tempered glass side panel, with two curved edges, offer a broad view of the system build.
  • RGB Lighting Control & Sync Up: Control the RGB lighting system from the front I/O panel by switching lighting modes or by syncing the lighting system with the motherboard.
  • Rich Connectivity: The advanced I/O panel features a USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, four additional USB 3.0 ports, a fan speed control button and an RGB control button.

And what about the upgrades?

cooler-master-at-computex-2019-pic2Advanced build features include compatibility, storage, and versatility improvements. Flat radiator brackets offer easier maintenance, mounting, and removal process for water-cooling. The new design also features more clearance for push-pull configurations and radiator support in the lower compartment when the PSU is installed. A total of 4 SSDs can be mounted with an additional 4 Combo SSD/HDD bays included in the box; with optional accessories, 12 x 3.5″ HDDs can be installed. An alternative rear panel is included in the box, further extending the support for exotic layouts with motherboards and graphics cards oriented upwards or downward with cable grommets for external cable routing.

If you’d like to watch a video from Computex 2019 about this case, just click on the link here.

This is just the COSMOS case that was on show at Computex 2019 that will be available in South Africa very soon. As soon as there are more items released, I’ll be updating this article. As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.