Cooler Master has been busy this week, sending out Press Release Notes for the new products that have are now available in South Africa. Being apart of that release is the CM694. This beautiful case is now available in South Africa as of Monday. Below is the PR notes, and then we’re going to break that down briefly.

The Press Release:

Cooler Master launches the MasterBox CM694, the latest iteration in the CM690 series and the successor of the CM690 III. Since 2007, the CM690 line evolved with each release, advancing the strengths of its predecessors and pushing the limits of design. cooler-master-cm694-in-south-africa-pic3

Established as a functionally adaptive, versatile frame, the MasterBox CM694 retains the capability of housing a high variation of specialized builds. Component configurations will vary by purpose regarding gaming and creative work, all with different needs for speed, power, and storage options. With the CM694, the layout’s versatility means you can build according to the demand of its function.

  • Curved Mesh: The top and front panel are entirely meshed for optimal ventilation, featuring the iconic CM690 curve and Cooler Master’s signature rhombus pattern.
  • Massive Storage Support: Simultaneous support for 6 x HDDs and 8 x SSDs ensure substantial storage capabilities.
    Modular Drive Cages – 3 Drive Cages can be individually added, removed, or re-positioned to make room for longer graphics cards and/or top & front radiators.
  • Rich Connectivity (I/O Panel): The dust-proof I/O Panel features rubber shields, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, a USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, and a four-pole headset jack. The single four-pole headset jack features both audio and microphone capabilities simultaneously so separate jacks are not needed.
  • Extensive Water Cooling Support: The internal layout can be explicitly configured for dual 360mm radiators on the top and front panel to guarantee thermal proficiency.
  • Graphics Card Stabilizer: Graphics cards installed within the case are reinforced by a reinforcing arm, ensuring the safe delivery and transportation of systems.

cooler-master-cm694-in-south-africa-pic5Modular drive cages can be removed and re-positioned depending on graphics card clearance, radiator support, and storage needs. Paired with its liquid cooling compatibility, the most demanding systems have the potential for optimal thermal performance. In comparison to its predecessors, the CM694 maintains the series’ versatility while decreasing its footprint by 10%. The MasterBox CM694 strengthens the defining features of the series while being able to house bleeding-edge hardware, gamer-grade cooling, and plenty of storage for workstation demands.

What does that all mean?

So the CM694 being the latest case, and the successor of the CM690 III, it does come with a few updates to the case. The fact that Cooler Master has retained some of the original design of the CM690 range and re-positioning some of the parts shows that they know when they’re onto something good. Another thing that makes this case look ideal for a gaming rig is the fan support, the liquid cooling support, and the storage support. On paper, this looks like the perfect case for any build.

We haven’t personally had a chance to review this case, and we hope that when that time does come, it will be a video and a written review. When that does happen, we will update this article to include the in-depth review. If you are looking forward to that case, drop a message here and let us know.