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As a gamer, what does your desk usually look like? I know mine is always cluttered with wires just everywhere! I’m a fan of using a wired mouse and keyboard, and my headphones have wires. However, after a while, everything looks like a total mess, especially when you add a cellphone and it’s charging cable into the mix.

cooler-master-gs750-pic3You shouldn’t worry too much though, because Cooler Master, with their latest product release, has just the answer to the clutter questions. That’s right; Cooler Master has released their new GS750 desktop hub. This multipurpose stand comes with a lot packed into it help you sort some of the clutter on your desk and to assist with cable management. In this article, we’re just going to go the press release note that was sent out by Cooler Master, and in the future, we’ll have a video and a written review. Let’s get into the press release note

The Press Release Note:

The GS750 is designed to be a desktop companion. It is equipped with a Qi wireless charging base to conveniently charge mobile phones, wireless mice, or other Qi charging compatible devices without the hassle of cables. The GS750 is armed with two USB 3.0 ports to supplement improved charging power on multiple devices. It features a sleek outlook with a premium and durable aluminum construction along with a rubberized base for a stable display of your headset. Onboard 7.1 surround sound provides full-range stereo on any 3.5mm analog headset creating an immersive, multi-channel audio experience. With 13 LEDs, users can completely customize the stand to match any setup all within Cooler Master’s easy-to-use software suite or can choose between pre-installed preset patterns.

“We wanted to make a product that would serve multiple functions while also decluttering your space,” says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager

Breaking that down:

This multipurpose desktop companion has everything you need. The GS750 will help with the charging of mobile phones and wireless mice. It can also help with cable management, and it has surround sound. Not only that, but it works as a beautiful headphone stand. I can’t wait to have a look at this time personally and to test it out with my gaming rig at home.

Stay tuned for the video and the complete review which will follow shortly. I hope you enjoyed this short press release, and if you have any comments, leave them down below!