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Cooler Master has sent out a PR note announcing the release of their MasterAIR MA620M Cooler that will be available in South Africa in the next week or so. This cooler looks stunning and is compatible with both Intel and AMD CPUs. Let’s have a look at the PR Note and then will break it down briefly.

PR Note:

Peak Performance, Unique Aesthetic:
cooler-master-ma620m-pr-note-pic4The MA620M features a unique dual tower heatsink with enlarged fins and utilizes six copper heat pipes for optimal airflow and cooling performance. Inspired by a stealth-like aesthetic design, the MA620M employs unique lighting effects across the top cover of the cooler, powered by addressable RGB.

Versatile Cooling Solutions:
The MA620M features a secure top-down mounting system for a quick and easy installation. Inspired by end-user feedback, the MA620M’s mounting system is built for versatility, capable of mounting both Intel and AMD CPU platforms. The air cooler also includes improved RAM and GPU clearance to provide efficient and effective cooling solutions for PC builds.

Fine-Tuned Cooling Performance: The MasterFan SF120R:
cooler-master-ma620m-pr-note-pic1Built with the latest addition from the MasterFan series, the SF120R, the MA620 includes Air Balance fan blades optimized for the perfect balance between airflow and pressure. With silent driver IC and a wide range of speed settings, it can be used for quiet operation or fine-tuned for maximum cooling performance.

Cooler Master believes that giving PC users the freedom to create visually stunning RGB effects, as well as, provide efficient cooling for their systems, is vital to achieving one of the company’s missions. With innovative technologies coupled with a vast array of features, the MasterAir MA620M is manufactured to provide the most practical building experience.

Breaking This Down:

Cooler Master listened to their fan’s feedback, and they adjusted the design of the MasterAir MA620M for easy mounting and installation, this versatile design can be used with both AMD and Intel CPU’s. The RGB design is just a beaut if you’re into that, which one can adjust the effects to what they want while receiving efficient cooling. We are hoping to get this unit to review, and it will include a video and a written review.