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The Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M celebrates its first anniversary, and to do so in style. Cooler Master has released a new addition to the SL600M range. In this brief article, we will take a look at the PR note from Cooler Master about their SL600M Black Edition. We hope to receive this case to review, which will be in a video and an article. So let’s get to it.

The PR Note:

An echoing question has been haunting the MasterCase SL600M since the day it was created. Despite all of its innovation awards, high user reviews, and praise from builders, the community was fixated on when the SL would be offered in black. In truth, requests went beyond the PC community and the builders; even Cooler Master employees were poking at our development team for a Black Edition—the break room, the game room, the watercooler—it was inescapable. Gathering even more momentum after displaying a prototype during Computex 2019, the only decision left to make was when. With the 1st anniversary approaching and Halloween in its wake, there was no better date to launch than today.

mastercase-sl600m-black-edition-pr-note-pic4The Black Edition replaces the original’s professional appearance with a more sinister outfit for espionage—a stealthy, jet-black powder coat covers its once bare, aluminum panels. Recognized for its inventive layout and awarded for its aesthetic, the MasterCase SL600M Black Edition marks the 1st anniversary since airflow was redefined, accentuating the series’ prowess for enthusiast-grade cooling and its award-winning design.

MasterCase SL600M Black Edition Features:

  • MasterCase SL600M Black Edition: As the Black Edition variant, the SL600M features a jet-black powder coat applied to premium aluminum panels.
  • Vertical Chimney Effect Layout: With the 200mm fans that intake air from the bottom, hot air rises out of the case and exits out of the top in a natural direction for efficient thermal performance.
  • Acoustic Noise Reduction: Since the path of airflow is from bottom to top, the front and rear panels of the case act as a shield against noise. From the front, noise is shielded from escaping toward the user, while the back panel prevents noise from bouncing off adjacent walls, minimizing acoustics.
  • Operational Noise Reduction: Large, low RPM fans further reduce noise in comparison to smaller, conventional fans. With efficient case cooling, there is an increased potential for system fans to operate quieter in turn. For maximized noise reduction, the dual 200mm fans can be set to their lowest RPM setting via the I/O Panel.
  • Rotatable PCI Bracket Window: The PCI mounting window can be rotated 90 degrees. This allows the unique ability of mounting graphics card(s) vertically or with more clearance from the glass side panel.
    *riser cable not included
  • Versatile Storage Brackets: The SL600M features versatile brackets that can mount an SSD, HDD, a water pump, or a reservoir. These brackets can be placed in multiple positions inside the case, including behind the front panel and on the bottom radiator bracket.
  • Advanced I/O Panel: A proximity sensor triggers the USB lighting for access in the dark. The panel will stay temporarily lit before turning off automatically. The I/O panel also features a USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, four additional USB ports, a PWM fan speed slider, a headset jack (audio + mic), and a dedicated microphone jack.

mastercase-sl600m-black-edition-pr-note-pic1Upon its release, the SL600M transformed the idea that airflow must follow front-to-back conventions. With two massive 200mm fans mounted on the bottom, the airflow travels up and out of the chassis to assist the natural rise of heat. From in-house lab testing to the user, critic, and reviewer awards, the SL600M carved a path of its own in accomplishing thermal efficiency through a design that also reduces noise. Shaped by the sophistication and engineered to outperform, the MasterCase SL600M Black Edition is as much a technological marvel as it is aesthetically striking.

Final Thoughts:

The Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Black Edition is gearing up to be a favorite among the Cooler Master case fans. With its matte black design and all the features from the SL600M range, you can be sure that this case is one to put on the “Buy” list for a new build. It should be available in South Africa by the end of the 2019 year. We can’t wait to review this case ourselves.