Like takealot.com, Raru has become quite a popular site if you want to purchase items online. With great products on sale and a website that is relatively easy to use, no wonder they have done so well. Having said all that, how does Raru stack up against other online sites, what else do they offer that other online sites in South Africa don’t, and how is there service? Those questions and a breakdown on how to use the Raru site is included in this article, so let’s get to that first question.

How does Raru stack up against the competition?

Raru is an online store where you can purchase a wide range of items from, including but not limited to, Tech items. I stress the tech items, mainly because this is a tech blog, and I LOVE tech stuff. Their range of tech goods available is impressive, to say the least. They have a lot in the way of hardware, software, electronic games, board games and well, just about anything tech related. Their hardware items range from laptops, computer spares, computer peripherals to well, even the small things that you’d need for your phone.

Yes, Raru really looks into a lot of different items catering for all types of people. However, having that amount available, and the online store running efficiently can be quite tricky, and often you’d find either their pricing is slightly out, or the availability just is not as good as someone like EveTech, or other tech sites dedicated to tech items only.

So, maybe their pricing on the tech items isn’t the best, but that doesn’t put them out the running. They have so much more to offer, well it’s scary.

What else do they offer?

Other than a lot of items to “window” shop while looking at them, they also offer Affiliate programs. To me, this is rare to see in South Africa. Compared to the likes of TakeAlot and the rest, there are only 2 online stores in South Africa that offers an affiliate program.

What is an Affiliate program? This is an initiative put in place by a company, or online store like Raru, where they offer you a commission to promote selling items off their site. How does it work? Basically, after setting up an affiliate profile, if you would like to sell something, all you do is generate an affiliate link on Raru’s portal and use that on your website. When someone purchases that specific item, you will earn a set commission. This is extremely useful for a reviewer like myself. For example, I would look at something like the Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop. I would review the item, use it for a couple of weeks, and when I’ve completed the review, when writing the article I’d link to the Raru store so that anyone wanting to purchase it could do so quickly while earning a little bit of commission myself.

As I mentioned earlier, Raru is only one of 2 online stores in South Africa that currently has this feature. You could use an international store like Amazon, but that would mean you’d need to get paid into your PayPal account, and getting your funds out of that can be difficult at best of times, not to mention the fact that people would have to wait 4-6 weeks for their item to arrive(depending on what they’ve bought).

If you would like to signup as an affiliate and would like to know how to generate affiliate links, take a look at the picture guide below:

Raru – Starting an Affiliate Account

How is Raru’s Service?

Like most large companies, Raru isn’t without their faults. Just look at hellopeter.com, and you’ll be sure to see a lot of complaints. This doesn’t mean that they are horrible to deal with. No, this comes down to the fact that they are just that busy. Having people from all over the country purchasing items from them is a daunting task to undertake, and when you’re a “middle-man” for certain items, you could expect things to go wrong, that’s just the way it works.

In all, the site is easy to use, it’s well managed and well maintained, and there can be great deals if you look hard enough. Their affiliate program works well if you get the sales and they pay on time.

For a brief explanation on how to use Raru, take a look at the picture guide below:

I hope this article has answered some questions about Raru and what they are about. They offer a wide range of products. While I don’t agree 100% to having so many different items and ranges because you can’t be proficient at all of them, it doesn’t mean that Raru can’t manage it. If you have had some experiences with using Raru, please let me know in the comment section below, I would like to hear from you.