When searching online for products to buy, it becomes very apparent that there are quite a few e-commerce sites that you can purchase from, and UBUY is one of them. However, is it safe to use them? What does UBUY offer that you can’t buy from a local e-commerce site? Those questions and are covered in this article.

What is UBUY South Africa?

Firstly, who or what is UBUY? UBUY is an online webstore that you can purchase items from here in South Africa. They offer a wide range of products, including, but not limited to, Electronics, Clothing, and Appliances. Similar to any other online store, you can search for a specific product that you want and then purchase it if the price is right.

UBUY originally started in Kuwait, but now they offer their services in more than 50 countries, spanning six continents. The products sold on UBUY is independently sourced, as per the search of the buyer. When searching on the website, even on the ubuy.za.com domain, the buyer can select which “store” they’d like to purchase from – the US, Hongkong, EU, etc. When selecting a store, the items that become available for purchase changes, things that are native to that specific “store” becomes available for purchase.

What does UBUY South Africa have that is different to other Ecommerce sites?

So we’ve covered who UBUY is and where they are based. However, what makes them different, how do they stand out compared to the local e-commerce sites and the other international ones? When comparing UBUY to other websites, it almost feels similar to Amazon, or even Takealot. However, having different stores to choose from down open the field to other products that are either not available locally, or are very expensive locally.

When looking at items, I’ve been in the market for a new DSLR Camera. I’m very fond of the Canon EOS 250D, so I decided to search that on UBUY South Africa. I was slightly confused when I was looking at all the Canon cameras, and none of the names matched that of the one I wanted. After a further inspection, it turns out, in this specific case, that Canon cameras in different regions have different names. You might be wondering why I’m talking about this, and it’s just to warn you, that if you are searching for a specific item, it may be named differently, depending on the store that you use.

Can UBUY South Africa be Trusted?

This is probably one of the essential questions in this article. If you skip the other parts and just read this section, I’m ok with that. Though, I’m not too sure if UBUY South Africa can be trusted. There are a few factors to UBUY South Africa, which makes me a bit wary of using them.

  • They are not based locally: Since UBUY ubuy-south-africa-pic3South Africa is not based locally, if you have any problems with their products, sorting those problems out takes a lot of time and becomes quite frustrating. Not only can getting problems with products sorted out, getting refunds takes forever too. Also bear in mind, when products are coming from overseas, they tend to take time, so the lead time to get your items is probably somewhere between 4-6 weeks.
  • Not all the products are available here: Not all the items listed on UBUY South Africa can be delivered to South Africa. After doing research and reading a lot of reviews, it seems that even though there is a wide variety of products available on UBUY South Africa, there is no guarantee it will be delivered, even after payment has been made.
  • Delivery charge is high: UBUY South Africa has impressive international products, at what seems to be killer prices. The products also seem to be very well priced compared to local e-commerce sites or stores that sell the same international products. However, when you compare the price of the product after looking at the delivery costs, it doesn’t work to be any cheaper, it becomes more expensive.

These points should be taken as my opinion and not what everyone would feel. However, when more people complain about a service or product than people are praising it, I tend to steer away from that product or service. So when selecting what you want to buy, or if you should buy from UBUY or not, look at the reviews on Hello Peter first.

What Does UBUY South Africa Offer:

Compared to other online e-commerce sites, UBUY South Africa does not stand out. As I mentioned before, they do have their “stores” that are located in different areas in the world that you can choose from. Changing to a different store does mean that you will be able to buy items from that country, but that is all they offer. When comparing the prices, the selling price my look very appealing, but that appeal quickly fades when you add the delivery cost onto it.

Concluding Thoughts:

What UBUY South Africa offers looks impressive. If they could get their service under-check, and possibly try to make sure that the products they provide on the webstore are items that could come to South Africa, they could be a fantastic company to deal with.

In all, though, I would recommend sticking to your well-known e-commerce sites – Amazon – or purchase from local ones like Raru or Takealot. For items from overseas, you will more than likely end up paying the same price, except with the peace of mind that the company is located in South Africa – should something go wrong. If you have had any experience dealing with UBUY South Africa, let us know in the comments below. I’d appreciate hearing your feedback.