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When I was younger, and phones were increasing in popularity, “Please Call Me” was a popular form of communication, especially when you edited them to have a personalized message. These messages were so popular for youngsters and those who didn’t have contracts, especially before MXIT and the WhatsApp days, because the Airtime was low. If you’re like me and haven’t needed these “Please Call Me’s” for some time, you may have forgotten how to send one. In this article, we’re going to look at how to send a “Please Call Me.”

What Is A “Please Call Me”?

A “Please Call Me” was a message that someone could send for free, from their phone to someone else. To submit one, a person would need to dial a USSD number, and then enter the receiver’s number. The sender could also edit the “Please Call Me” to have a specific name or short message attached. When writing the “Please Call Me” though, you were limited to the number of characters.

How Do You Send A “Please Call Me”?

So this is the crux of the article isn’t, and this is why you are here. How do you send a “Please Call Me”? This is different on all the networks, so I’m going to break the few significant networks down, those that had this feature back in the day.

  1. MTN:
    MTN Logo
    USSD Code: *121*Number#
    It’s that simple, you go to your call menu, type in the above USSD code, and press send. It will look something like *121*0791234567#. You will then send a “Please Call Me” to the person whose number you used. You will receive a message saying that your message was delivered.

    If you dial *121#, you are given two options where you can either block the “Please Call Me” feature, or you can change from displaying your number in the message to your name. You only have five (5) “Please Call Me’s” that you can send in a twenty-four hour period and one name change in the same time frame.

  2. Vodacom:
    Vodacom Logo
    USSD Code: *140*Number#
    Again, it’s that simple, in your call menu, you would dial the above number and press send, that way you will send a please call me to the recipient’s number. For example, Dial: *140*0821234567# then click “Call.” You will then see a message saying that the “Please Call Me” has been sent.

    Also, you have about ten(10) “Please Call Me’s” that you can use in a single day, or twenty-four hour period. It is also possible to edit the name of your “Please Call Me” so that it doesn’t just display your number. The best way to do this is to dial *140# in your Call app. Then you select option 4 “Change Name.” In this menu, you can add a name that can be edited once in a twenty-four hour period. In the same menu option, *140#, you can view the name of your “Please Call Me,” and you can block/unblock the use of them, and you can send one directly.

  3. Cell C:
    Cell C Logo
    USSD Code: *111*Number#
    Sending a “Please Call Me” for Cell C would look like *111*0841234567#, click Dial, and send the message. You will then see a USSD Message saying, “Please Call Me has successfully been sent.”

    So like MTN and Vodacom, you can send five (5) “Please Call Me’s” a day or a twenty-four-hour period. By dialing *111#, the USSD menu has options to either edit your name or send a “Please Call Me” from the same list. One could also block or unblock receiving “Please Call Me’s.”

An Extra Cellular Provider’s “Please Call Me” Option:

  1. Telkom Mobile:
    Telkom Mobiles logo
    USSD Code: *140*Number#
    Again, like the other networks, sending the “Please Call Me” on Telkom Mobile is very easy. You dial *140*0811234567# and hit Dial. Once you’ve run Dial, you will receive a message saying that the “Please Call Me has been sent successfully.”

    Telkom Mobile follows the same limit of five (5) “Please Call Me’s,” like MTN and Cell C. When dialing *140# on your device, you will see a few options, which includes adding a personalized name, blocking or unblocking the “Please Call Me” service.

Why Use A “Please Call Me”?

As I mentioned above, the “Please Call Me” was very popular during the early days of the mobile phone. It was around 2002-2005 that I remember them being at their peak of popularity. During those times, not everyone could afford a contract or were too young to sign up for one. In addition to the cost of phone contracts, Airtime was rare, like gold, especially when you had to earn pocket money to purchase it, so wasting it was not an option. The use of a “Please Call Me” was precisely what its name intended; the message prompted the receiver to call the sender.

I also remember that sometimes, people would use (me included) their “Please Call Me’s” to have a short message included. I mentioned it above; you had a limited amount of characters to add to your “Please Call Me,” which means you could either add your name or a short message.

Concluding Thoughts:

As we can see, sending a “Please Call Me” is not difficult at all. All the process requires is the tap of a few buttons, and it will go through. I haven’t come across someone using “Please Call Me’s” in a long time. Applications like WhatsApp and Telegram have changed the way we use our phones. Also, data has become cheaper, therefore using online-based forms is ever popular.

There could be times, though, that you would need to use a “Please Call Me,” so it is useful to understand how to send one from your specific Cellular provider. I would like to hear from you, though, inform us about your fondest memories of using “Please Call Me’s.” Leave a comment in the comment section below!