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If you own a graphics card manufactured by MSI, then there’s a huge chance that you have downloaded the MSI Gaming application already. If you haven’t, then I seriously suggest that you do that. You might be wondering why, and if you are, then that is what this article is for. This article will go through what the MSI Gaming app is, we will also go through how to download it and end off with some tips and tricks on using it.

What is the MSI Gaming App?

MSI Gaming App LogoThere are 2 main graphics card designers/manufacturers in the market at the moment, AMD and Nvidia. MSI, Gigabyte and the rest are referred to as aftermarket graphics card manufacturers, in that they take the design and layout of the AMD or Nvidia card, and they design the cooling and sometimes adjust the PCB.

With that in mind, if you purchase a card from Gigabyte or MSI, they usually have their own application to be able to adjust the performance of the graphics card that you own. This can include anything from changing the clocking speed, to improve the speed of the cooling fans.

The MSI Gaming app allows you to do something similar to that. This application comes pre-programmed with 3 profiles with controlled changes for your MSI graphics card. I say controlled changes because the application’s 3 profiles are basically a silent mode, gaming mode and overclocked mode. Below is a semi-detailed explanation of each mode as well as additional features of the app:

  • OC Mode: This increases the clock speed of the card to enhance the performance of the card. This pushes it past the standard factory settings. Don’t worry though, as I mentioned above, this is controlled, and your card will not pop or overheat, the application will make sure it stays within the allowed working parameters.
  • Gaming Mode: This puts the card into the best settings for the best gaming performance. This is especially useful for those who want the best gaming performance from their graphics card, without having to fiddle with the settings to overclock it for the best performance.
  • Silent Mode: This tones down the power output so that the graphics card will be able to handle the basic tasks – running working apps, etc. Since the clock speed is decreased, the heat generation of the graphics card is reduced, so the application can also decrease the fan speed required to cool the graphics card – silent mode!

Additional advantages of the application:

  • MSI Gaming App Item ControlsLED Control: If you own a graphics card with RGB on the side, this feature allows you to change the colors for that. This could be with adding features like pulsing RGB, Rainbow colors, etc.
  • Adjusting Screen Contrast: This settings feature allows you to change the contrast output of the card onto your screen. There are 3 predefined settings: Eye Rest (adding softer contrast tones for using the computer at night as well as for tired eyes). Gaming (higher color contrast giving off colors that stand out adding to the details in the game). Movie (this is settings is a lot sharper for more a more defined picture quality which is ideal for cinematography). While these 3 profiles are predefined, you can adjust the settings under each profile.
  • VR Toggle: This setting feature is a one-touch button to get your machine – graphics card – into a high-performance mode for the best VR experience.

How do you download and use the MSI Gaming App?

In some MSI Graphics card boxes, you could expect to get a CD with the software on it; however, that is becoming rarer these days – how hard is it to have a flash drive with the software on it for those who don’t have Fibre internet? The easiest way to get the application is to download the MSI Gaming application directly from the MSI website. You can use this link here to download the gaming app – follow the explanation on how to download the app below.

For those who are looking at downloading the app, the below slide show will have a few pictures on how to do just that. Just remember, you will need to know what graphics card you currently have:

msi-gaming-app-south-africa-slider1 msi-gaming-app-south-africa-slider2 msi-gaming-app-south-africa-slider3 msi-gaming-app-south-africa-slider4

  • Picture 1: Make your way to the download section of the MSI website, link provided above.
  • Picture 2: Complete the form with the type o graphics card you currently have fitted in your computer.
  • Picture 3: Select Utility and the type of Operating System you currently have installed on your machine.
  • Picture 4: Scroll down until you find the MSI Gaming App, click the download button and follow the installation prompts. After that, you’re all done.
  • Using the app is super simple, so I’m not going to spend too much time on it since it all comes down to pushing a few buttons for your favorite profile to be active at any given time. Being able to play around with the contrast features is really neat, and that I would recommend spending some time doing to make sure you have the best visuals for your eyes.

    Additional Tips and Apps

    What else could you use the application for? There are few extra features and applications that you can download that make the MSI Gaming app unique, but also just helps to make sure that you get the best performance and gaming experience out of your graphics card, here they are:

    • DragonEye: This feature allows those who have an MSI graphics card to be able to stream their gameplay through a unique overlay. This automatically makes sure your graphics card is running at the ideal performance for that. In addition to streaming your gameplay, it also allows you to watch videos while gaming. This is particularly useful while watching a walkthrough or a tutorial of a game. This is especially cool when you don’t have multiple screens because you can have the overlay adjusted in such a way that the video screen is in the position and size that you want.MSI Gaming App Dragon Eye
    • Phone App: This phone app you can download and sync with your MSI Gaming app on your desktop. Some might think that this is redundant and just MSI making you download an additional app for no reason. I disagree with that, having the app on your phone allows you to change the settings of your graphics card (changing from silent mode to gaming mode) without having to alt-tab out of our game.
    • Cooler Boost: This function rapidly increases the speed of the fans of the graphics card to decrease the temperature quickly. Very useful if you’re worried about a possible overheating issue.

    This application is useful if you are not 100% sure or confident in getting the best performance out of your graphics card. There are quite a few apps that can also assist you with that, but that will have to be an article for another time. I hope this article helps you to get the best performance out of your MSI Graphics Card. If you would like to tell us your experience about using the app or would like to suggest another article idea, leave a message below in the comments section.